Online Air Is Born
Online Air Pty Ltd provides air conditioning and electrical services to local heating and cooling retailers and also design and install electrical systems in new build customer warehouse/factories. The main objective was to give honest, high quality work standard and premium levels of customer service as a small business who listens and cares for clients requests. The hard work and long days achieving this goal soon proved to be an appreciated goal as demand for work skyrocketed. The experience and knowledge gained from this start up stage has laid the foundation for our business and set core values and culture for the future of the company.


First Employees
Apprentices are welcomed into the Online Air family. Solidifying contracts and increased work volumes allowed the natural progression of hiring staff and apprentices. There was a strong focus on attitude and work ethic during hiring the first employees as the culture was to be established. The company is involved with the fast growing Renewable Energy sector and is accredited with the Clean Energy Council and associated governing bodies. The company direction moves towards Air Conditioning and Solar as the specialised services.



Major Contracts and Dealerships = Lift Off
Online Air, now with 6 employees and good strong relationships with Subcontractors signs Heating and Cooling contract with Australia’s Largest Electricity Retail company. In the same week, SA based, Climat Air Control offers Online Air Pty Ltd a Victorian Dealership. Growth is now knocking on the door!
The company doubles in size with staff and vehicle fleet. In addition to Good Culture and Staff, Safety procedures/OHS Policies and efficient Job Management systems are now the fundamental attributes of the company.
The company begins trading as Online Air and Solar.



Growth Focused
With a large focus on growth, the company begins to play in the Retail Sales market with TV Ads, industry convention shows, and Online presence through our dealership. Sales teams and warehouse staff become part of the family in our new office/warehouse. On the back of consistent quality performance and reputation as industry leaders in the Heating and Cooling and Renewable Energy fields, the company signs a contract with Victorias Largest Member based retailer with who we share the same core values. Online Air and Solar sales division, contracts with large retail and energy companies, retail and product dealerships have have resulted in the company having confidence in growth opportunities.


Industry Leader
Online Air and Solar currently operates in the Heating and Cooling and Solar, Storage and Renewable energy sector. Employing 24 full time staff which consist of A Grade Electricians with Solar and Battery Storage Accreditation, Electrical Apprentices, Administration Staff, Warehouse staff, Sales persons and also full time HVAC Subcontractors. Providing solutions to customers and clients and understanding the requirements and service levels of our affiliated partners continues to be the staple hold of the business. With the Energy Sector being such an exciting field as technology is rapidly enhancing the way we live, we look forward to the challenges and believe we can continue to be industry leaders.