Online Air and Solar will visit your property and give you a detailed assessment of your Solar System. Ensuring that your system is producing the maximum power production. If your system is under performing, we following the below steps and report back to you on what you can do to improve your systems performance.

  1. The panels will be cleaned and checked for any defects.
  2. Clean the solar array to get rid of any dust or dirt, this will improve performance.
  3. Testing of the AC/DC Isolation switches to check that they are all in working order.
  4. Testing of the array voltage, to ensure it is functioning within the correct parameters.
  5. Check all wiring to ensure you system is electrical safe.
  6. Advise you of potential safety or performance issues.
  7. Complimentary and non-obligation quotes for any hazard or safety improvements/requirements

Checking whether your solar system is installed correctly will ensure your warranty is not voided due to poor workmanship. Furthermore, a system check will ensure any potential issues are detected before they cause problems.

Clean solar panels can improve your solar system’s performance by up to 10%, ensuring you maximise your return on investment. Regular cleaning of your solar panels will also reduce the likelihood of faults caused by long-term shading of the panels.